Suggested finishing
If using the floats on an electric plane, the paint may be
any paint of your choice.

If using the floats on a glow or gas engine plane, you
must use fuel proof paint.
Heat shrink covering such as MonoKote can be applied
making sure the covering is sealed well.  For double the
protection, a couple coats of polyurethane may be applied
before the covering is ironed on.  This will protect the
balsa should the covering rip during use.
Fiberglassing will provide the best protection and can be
applied in numerous ways.  For the smaller floats, a light cloth
such as 5/8 - ¾ oz  is generally used with either epoxy
finishing resin or polyurethane.  Water based polyurethane is
easy to use since it has very little odor and cleans up with
water.  For the larger floats, a heavier cloth can be used with
epoxy or polyurethane.